SAC – Scandinavian Activity Contest 2022 ställs in

SAC Contest Committee har, med anledningen av kriget i Ukraina, enhälligt beslutat att ställa in årets upplagor av Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC) – både CW och SSB-delarna i höst. Så här skriver kommittén:

The SAC Contest Committee has unanimously decided to cancel this year’s two sections of the Contest. Our decision has been made due to the ongoing war in the region and in consideration of the IARU declaration about friendship between people. We hope that the situation will change for the better, so that we can once again compete against each other as the SAC rules dictate.

From the IARU web page (
“IARU is an apolitical organization focused on promoting and defending amateur radio and the amateur radio services. The amateur radio service is about self-instruction in communications and friendship between people.”

SSA:s styrelse beklagar den uppkomna situationen, men står bakom kommitténs beslut.



Author: SM0HEV