Obtaining a Swedish callsign

SSA is authorized by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) to issue amateur radio callsigns.

Individuals residing in Sweden may apply for a Swedish callsign in the SA-series. To qualify for such a callsign the applicant must have passed an amateur radio certificate examination equivalent to the HAREC requirements (CEPT T/R 61‑02), either in Sweden or in one of the countries participating in T/R 61‑02.

Swedish residents, who have been issued a Swedish national ID-number (”personnummer”), and who have passed the Swedish certificate exam, can apply directly to SSA for a callsign. The administrative fee is 390 SEK (one-time), or 540 SEK including twelve months membership in SSA.

Individuals having passed a foreign certificate examination who are moving to Sweden and have obtained a Swedish national ID-number (”personnummer”), can apply for a callsign by submitting the following documents to SSA at hq@ssa.se:

  1. a copy of a HAREC examination certificate according to T/R 61-02_ANNEX5 issued by the administration responsible for certificate examinations, or their duly authorized representative,
  2. a ’population registration certificate’ of type ”address” (personbevis) showing residency in Sweden. The latter can be ordered electronically from the Swedish Tax Authority (Skatteverket) here,
  3. Payment of 390 SEK (one-time) admin fee, or 540 SEK including twelve months membership in SSA.

Note1: Applicants who are unable to produce the document in 1), may instead pass a Swedish HAREC certificate examination. Examinations are given in Swedish or English. Instructions are found at http://examen.ssa.se.

Note 2: For temporary visitors, summer home owners etc., who are not residing in Sweden and who are unable to produce the “population registration certificate” in 2), the rules for visitors under the provisions of T/R 61-01 apply