Amateur radio visitors to Sweden

Foreign radio amateurs with a CEPT license (acc. T / R 61-01) or a CEPT Novice license (acc. ECC Rec. (05) 06) can for a stay of up to three months without a special permit operate amateur radio in Sweden.

Foreign radio amateurs without CEPT license or CEPT Novice license can apply for a license to SSA, e-mail address Special conditions apply.

Holders of a foreign CEPT license (also former CEPT classes 1 and 2 and CEPT Novice) may operate on the same terms as Swedish license holders. Sweden has only one license category.

When operating in Sweden you may use SM/your call or SA/your call, but you have also the option to use your own call preceded by SMx, e.g. SMØ/G3xxx or SM7/DL5xxx. You will find the map of Swedish call areas here: .

Information about amateur radio in Sweden will be answered by SSA. Please mail to

For more information see the band plans linked below.

Current Swedish band plan HF

Current Swedish band planVHF:

Visitor’s amateur radio stations in Sweden:

There are three visitor’s stations that are at guests’ disposal. In general, however, one should register with the relevant contact persons well in advance.

Visitor’s stations:


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