W4A special signal – resultat

Bild qrz.com – W2XMN

I mitten av december skrev jag om N9NE/Brad som hade special signalen W4A i luften några dagar. Tyckte det var kul att rapportera hur det gick för honom. Fick ett mejl för några dagar sen med resultatet som ni kan läsa här nere.

“On 20 December, I finished up operating my W4A special event from my QTH. See the QRZ.com listing for W4A and it will give you the details. I operated CW-only and made 1,322 QSOs – working on 15, 20, 40, 80 & 160 meters. I had good PR from your SSA’s QTC magazine and also hamnews.se – and mentions in ARRL’s “QST” magazine and also KB8NW’s “OPDX” online DX bulletin. With the exception of my “low” 160-meter inverted vee antenna, my antennas are NOT very well suited for working USA stations, but I worked every one that I could copy. I think I did OK there. Also, there were TWO contests going on – the Canadian RAC contest and the Croatian 9A contest. I had to put up with QRM from some BIG contest station signals! That was not fun.

I am already planning on operating W4A again next year, but Armstrong’s birthday falls on a Saturday, instead of a Friday, as it did this year. So that will only give me two days of operating. I am going to put up some temporary antennas this summer or fall, with HIGH angles of radiation, for working the USA stations. I will be able to switch from low-angle to high-angle antennas during the event. I imagine that there will again be contests going on, but I will do what I can.”


Författare: SM5YRA