Begäran om hänsyn

Nu stundar oväderstider i Karibien. Vår Bernt SA6RTJ, Sektion Nödtrafik ber oss om att ta del av ett meddelande från IARU Reg. 1 Emergency Communications Co-Ordinator Greg, G0DUB om vad som gäller för att visa hänsyn på banden:

The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from 1st June to 30th November this year. So it is time to remind the wider Amateur Radio community that the following frequencies may be in use by nets in North and Central America to track and deal with the consequences of these severe weather events. Radio Amateurs in Region 1 are reminded it is possible to cause unintentional QRM to these nets so please listen carefully if operating near the frequencies.”   – Länk till frekvenserna.

SM6ZEM Hans-Christian