DMR – Digital Mobile Radio

Här hittar du mer information om du är nyfiken på DMR, Digital Mobile Radio.

Vad är DMR – Digital Mobile Radio?

”DMR enables a single 12.5 kHz channel to support two simultaneous and independent calls. This is achieved using TDMA, Time Division Multiple Access. Under TDMA DMR retains the 12.5 kHz channel width and divides it into two alternating timeslots A and B (illustrated in figure 1 below) where each timeslot acts as a separate communication path.

The end-to-end digital nature of DMR means that applications such as text messaging, GPS and telemetry can be easily added onto radio devices and systems. DMR standard also supports the transmission of IP data over the air enabling the easy development of standard applications. This offers a higher potential return on your investment. For many one of the key drivers for switching to digital is to add business enhancing data services and applications to radio systems.” Källa:

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