Orkaner i kö ödelägger Karibien, ny QRM varning

Hurricane Maria is moving through areas still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Irma just weeks ago and has been reassessed as a dangerous category 4 hurricane.
Emergency and Weather Net (CEWN), was activated this morning 18th/September 2017 at 1030 UTC on the frequency 3.815 MHz, and will subsequently qsy to 7.188 MHz at 1100 UTC. Coverage continues on the frequency 7.188 MHz until 1030 UTC when it again will qsy to 3.815 MHz. The frequency will change between the two as propagation dictates.

It is intended to maintain 24 hour coverage during the passage of the system and immediately after, in case there is the need to pass health and welfare traffic. This follows earlier notices from the Puerto Rican and the Dominican. Republic who advised they would be using the following frequencies: Puerto Rico – 7.188 MHz and 7.192 MHz. Dominican Republic 7,065 MHz LSB but depending on propagation may also use 3.780 MHz.

With the potential to suffer QRM from a wider area, the normal operation of the Hurricane Watch Net on 14.325 MHz has also started. Please look at the frequencies used in Hurricane Irma, watch the news and if islands are affected again.

73, Greg, G0DUB, IARU Reg. 1 Emergency Communications Coordinator – via Bernt SA6RTJ, SSA Sektion Nödtrafik


Author: SM6ZEM