HA DX-contest 21-22/1

”The Hungarian Radio Amateur Society (MRASZ) are inviting you to take part in this year’s HA-DX Contest on 21-22th January, between 1200 – 1159 UTC.

ll information available on the official web page: https://ha-dx.com

Last year to support contesting of the young operators, we intoduced a 6 hour category for them similar to the YOTA contest. 

This year we create a ”QSO upload” tool for those who have no contest logger software, so as to upload their QSOs either online during the contest or offline after the contest. You can find it on the HA-DX Contest upload site: log.mrasz.hu”

Författare: SM1TDE

Radioamatör sedan 1989. Dagligen aktiv på telegrafi. Medlem i FOC och SSA. Sektionsledare HF sedan januari 2021. Född 1972.