LX90RTL – Radio Luxembourg 90 år

Året ut firar LX90RTL Radio Luxembourgs 90 årsjubileum. De flesta (alla?) av oss gamla BC-lyssnare minns 1440 och 6090 kHz där det spelades popmusik hela tiden.

QSL-kortet ovan tillhör undertecknad och är poststämplat i januari 1984, jag lyssnade på mellanvågsfrekvensen.

LX90RTL kommer skicka ut QSL-kort för alla QSO via DARC QSL-service.

Just nu kl. 17z ligger LX90RTL på 10111 kHz CW med mycket kraftig signal.



Lånat från QRZ.com:

In 2023, RTL marked 90 years of broadcasting. Exactly 90 years ago, on March 15, 1933 Radio Luxembourg began its first regular broadcasts on long waves.

A group of 12 radio amateurs from Luxembourg took the idea to drive this operation for this special event on all HF bands in Phonie, CW, Digi modes and Satellite from different loactions. (RTL isn’t invloved but gave us green light for our activity)

The story about RTL on youtube

A look of the Antennas of RTL in Luxemburgish

The Junglinster Long Wave Transmitter is a long wave broadcasting facility used by RTL near Junglinster, Luxembourg, which went into service in 1932. Its aerial consists of three free-standing steel-framework towers, which are ground fed radiators. These towers formed a directional aerial for the frequency 234 kHz and until 1980 were 250 metres high. Since 1980 their height has been 215 metres.

Junglinster long wave transmitter was at time of inauguration one of the most powerful transmitters in the world. It was discovered that its signal can under some conditions show cross modulation with other radio stations by ionosphere reflection.

This phenomenon was named ”Luxembourg effect” after the circumstance that it was first detected at the signal of this transmitter in Luxembourg.

Since the inauguration of the Beidweiler long wave transmitter the Junglinster long wave transmitter has been only a spare.

Also, at the site of Junglinster Long wave Transmitter are the shortwave transmitters of RTL, at the frequencies 6.090 kHz and 15.350 kHz were used. Transmitting on 6.090 kHz, it is of special interest as it was (until the 80s) one of the best-known radio stations in Germany and several radio sets had a special switch for its reception, the so-called ”Luxembourg”-switch. Today this transmitter works in DRM mode.

From 1951 on the site of Junglinster Long wave transmitter was also the medium wave transmitter. It moved to Marnach in 1955


Author: SM1TDE

Radioamatör sedan 1989. Dagligen aktiv på telegrafi. Medlem i FOC och SSA. Sektionsledare HF sedan januari 2021. Född 1972.