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Radio Caroline Annual Fundraiser

Dear Radio Caroline supporter,

Join us on Friday, August 12th for our Four Day Annual Fundraiser, and get your hands on this great limited edition teeshirt. It features a recreation of the original Radio Caroline car sticker from the sixties, updated from I LOVE CAROLINE ON ONE-NINE-NINE to read I LOVE CAROLINE ON SIX-FOUR-EIGHT, and includes our bell with our 648 AM frequency.

Our fundraiser will run on Radio Caroline and Caroline Flashback until midnight, UK time, on Monday, August 15th, and on Radio Caroline North, live from MV Ross Revenge (on 648 AM and 1368 AM), until closedown on Sunday, August 14th.

You will be able to receive the teeshirt if you make a one-off donation of £30 or more, or if you join the Radio Caroline Support Group for a minimum monthly donation of £7.50, cancellable at any time.

The teeshirt will be available in a choice of colours, charcoal or navy blue.

If you join the RCSG by monthly donation, you will also receive immediately by email the July edition of our Quarterly Newsletter. This edition contains 13 exclusive articles about what is going on behind the scenes at Radio Caroline, past, present and future. You will then continue to receive the Newsletter until such time, if ever, as you choose to cancel your monthly donation.

The teeshirt is exclusive to the Fundraiser, and, in order to receive it, you must make your donation, or join the RCSG, starting on Friday, August 12th and before midnight, UK time, on Monday, August 15th.

The donation button will go live on our website early on Friday, August 12th.

We are hoping for another successful fundraiser, as this is the largest single source of funds that we have to keep the radio station going and MV Ross Revenge afloat.

Our costs to run our 648 AM transmitter have increased substantially, due to the four-fold increase in its power output. However, we have plans to go green by funding a solar array to offset the cost of powering the transmitter. This could, in turn, offset the cost of a future power increase. But it requires a sizable upfront investment.

We also need to raise a substantial amount of money to get Ross Revenge into dry dock. Without extensive repairs, the future of the ship is uncertain. Through the charity, Ross Revenge Home of Radio Caroline, we aim to raise half a million pounds and then apply for grants and other funding.

But we can only do this with your support.

You will be able to choose not to receive the teeshirt, if you prefer, and donations of any amount will always be gratefully received.

We hope that you will join us for this important fundraising event, and some special programmes throughout the weekend.

Best regards,

Radio Caroline

Author: SM1TDE

Radioamatör sedan 1989. Dagligen aktiv på telegrafi. Medlem i FOC och SSA. Sektionsledare HF sedan januari 2021. Född 1972.