Något för hembyggaren?

A touch of chirp possibly will be in the air when the QRP-CONTEST-COMMUNITY

cordially is inviting to the

34th   H O M E B R E W  &  O L D T I M E – E Q U I P M E N T – P A R T Y

( HOT – PARTY )   at  21 – Nov – 2021


Once a year homebrewers and enthusiasts of oldtime-equipment together are

introducing their creations on the HOT-PARTY. A taste of chirp is in the air

and switching from transmitting to receiving may last a little

longer…Skilful revived museum pieces are giving signs of life as well as

brandnew constructions around ICs and SMD.

Also soldering kits like Elecraft K2, K1 or Pixie, PFR3,  SW40, SW80,

SUDDEN RX TX, Sierra, BlueCoolRadio, QRP Labs QCX  etc. are very welcome.

Non soldering kits like Elecraft KX3 are only check logs-

Loving restored and maintained commercial radio equipment meets rigorous


You don’t need a complete homebrewed station or a complete ”line”.

An old RX or a homemade TX ”stand alone” is sufficient for your entrance.

No ”taboos” like a 5W-QRP-limit narrows down the freedom of this meeting on

the air.

”Anything goes” like ”HOT” suggests? Not quite so: the coincidence of

”buy & plug & play & don’t have the slightest idea about anything” is

invited to stay outside the PARTY.

– . . . . –

GUESTS :    operators of homebrew or more than 30 years old equipment

CLASS A :   TX  a n d  RX are homebrew or older than 30 years

CLASS B :   TX  o r  RX are homebrew or older than 30 years

(A homebrew or oldtime TX or RX may be completed by a

modern commercial RX or TX)

CLASS C :   QRP-TX below 10 watts input or 5 watts output,

homebrew or older than 30 years

CLASS D :   Only valved apparatus without semiconductors (except for

power supply).

No transceivers and no separates with transceive option. Equipment must

have been marketed prior to 1965, or fully homebrewed

complying with above conditions.


DATE :      21 – N O V – 2 0 2 1  (3rd Sunday in November)


  1. November 2022
  2. November 2023
  3. November 2024
  4. November 2025

QRG :       1300-1500 UTC: 7010-7040 kHz    1500-1700 UTC: 3510-3560 kHz

MODE :      Single OP CW, PWR below 100 watts (Class A, Class B)

CALL :      ”CQ HOT”

EXCHANGE:   RST, serial No. (starting from 001 on BOTH bands) /Class

e.g. 579001/A

POINTS :    Class D with D:            = 4 points

Class A : with A or C or D = 3 points, with B = 2 points

Class B : with A or C or D = 2 points, with B = 1 point

Class C : with A or C or D = 3 points, with B = 2 points

(No multiplier points)

LOGS:       UTC, call, given and received control numbers.

Logs must include a description of the homebrew or

oldtime equipment used (type, vintage).

A short description of abt. 40 letters

will be published in the result list.

DEADLINE:   Dec 21st to: Lutz Gutheil, DM6EE, Bergstr. 17,

D-38446 Wolfsburg, Germany.

e-mail: (e-logs -.txt resp. ASCII-, STF-

or LM- formated. But we accept any log we can read)

– – – – – –

We would be very pleased to hear many stations from your country.

In all cases don’t forget to test your equipment in time to avoid a

”bombshell” during the HOT-Party. Which has happened not only once…

Hpe cuagn in HOT-PARTY!

Best 73/2 de Lutz, DM6EE

Bilden ovan är lånad från N1AW. Det ser onekligen ut som ett äkta hemmabygge!


Author: SM1TDE

Radioamatör sedan 1989. Dagligen aktiv på telegrafi. Medlem i FOC och SSA. Sektionsledare HF sedan januari 2021. Född 1972.