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EARTTY Contest 2023 comming!

Hello all:

Here is the next contest organized by URE, the EARTTY Contest which will take place next weekend, 1st and 2nd April. You can see the rules here:


You can submit your participation in this contest at:

Good luck in the contest, see you in the pile-up!!!

73 de URE HF Contest Committee


Since 1933 

We would like to invite you to participate in the SP DX Contest first full weekend of April (April 1, 2023 from 1500 UTC Saturday until April 2, 1459 UTC Sunday).  This is the biggest operating event of the year in Poland with typically over 1000 SP stations on the air on both CW and SSB.  For some, it is a competitive event, for others it is a chance to make a QSO with old friends.  And for others yet, it is their only contest experience of the year and an opportunity to be seen and heard and to have fun.

The success of this contest depends on the participation of DX stations like you, whether you are a veteran contester or just enjoy making casual contacts and giving SP stations an opportunity to work DX.  It does not matter how much time you can spend and how many QSO’s you can make, we would like to see you in our logs!

Please visit  https://spdxcontest.pzk.org.pl  where you can see the current rules and upload your log after the contest.  Please note that logs can no longer be submitted via email.  We request that the logs be uploaded by April 16, 2023, 2359 UTC.  All entries will be immediately posted on that web page, followed by email confirmations.

The final results will be processed and made available by May 14. We have adopted an open log policy, so all logs will be in public view.  Note the log analysis functionality that provides some useful information. Just click on your (or any other) call sign in the scores tab. You may test this in 2019, 2020 and 2021 contest archives.

Along with the results, certificates of participation and top scoring certificates by category, country and continent will be available for download.  We also have a long list of plaques which have been sponsored by individuals and groups which you can see on the web page.  Finally, you can qualify for various levels of the POLSKA Award for working the 16 provinces (województwa) of Poland.

We hope we have made this contest interesting and exciting for you and we look forward to seeing you in the event!

Due to current events, the organisers have decided to exclude stations from Russia and Belarus from participation in the SP DX Contest 2023.

2023 SP DX Contest Committee

Polish Amateur Radio Union, SP DX Club


Author: SM1TDE

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