Relocated microwave beacons in SM0

SK0EN in cooperation with SK0CT has now relocated two microwave beacons.

Both are located in JO99JX at 30m AGL 60m ASL.

The 6 cm beacon previously located at JO99BM now has the callsign SK0CT/B. It has 80W ERP omni directional antenna. The beacon has FSK CW with low frequency shift and nominal frequency 5760.905MHz

The 3cm beacon previously located at JO89WJ how has the callsign SK0EN/B. It has 10kW ERP with antenna direction approx. 216 degrees. The beacon has A1 CW keying and nominal frequency 10368,847MHz.

Both beacons use x-tal oscillators without locking, so there will be some frequency drift due to temperature.

Signal reports are welcome.

73 de