IARU ATV-test + tips komma igång och titta på ATV

Nedan följer information från Chris, PA3CRX.

As far as I have seen them, in most of your magazines I did not notice any attention for the IARU ATV contest. In several countries there is a lot of ATV activity but even when just one contact is made, it would be appreciated to receive a log. No fancy log-installation or so, just open the excel sheet, fill out some fields, save it and send it to the mentioned email address. If you have a centralised email address: you can add it in the Excel sheet before you distribute it locally. If needed, you can also do some kind of translation. The sheets are locked but can be opened without password. Please ensure you do not move cells and lock the sheet again.

The rules and logsheet are on the IARU website but a bit hard to find, therefore I give you the link: http://www.iaru-r1.org/index.php/vhfuhsshf/1418-atv-news Results from last year: http://www.iaru-r1.org/index.php/vhfuhsshf/1455-atv

If you do not have an ATV station but you have SDRsharp running with (for example) an RTLstick: you can easily receive ATV signals in the 70 cm and 23 cm band by using TVsharp. No additional installation, just run TVsharp.exe instead of SDRsharp.exe. (It is AM but you can detect FM with it). Link for direct download of TVsharp: http://pi6ats.nl/tv.zip

Hopefully you could pay attention to it on your website and/or local infrastructure. ATV could stimulate activity and interest in frequencies VHF-and-above so lets give it a try!

73′ /Mats, SM6EAN